Air Cargo Market Trends and Challenges

ALS Logistic Solutions was honored to be a part of panel discussion on "Building a modern Cargo Terminal" at MEACL 2019 showcasing latest regional reference in Muscat, Oman.       

Insight of the panel discussion from ALS:

Cargo terminal – one of the signature elements of modern international airport’s operations.  Bringing together international and domestic logistics, cargo facility opens borders and new opportunities for 3PL operators.

Fast communication between different countries, trade cooperation and agreements require fast response from warehouse facilities in order to serve the world at the maximum speed.

The industry reports and researches show the significant amount of qualitative analysis on general automated warehouses and its benefits. To automate or not to automate is not a question anymore. The logistics leaders are looking not only for the technological improvement that will gain warehouse optimization and the maximum efficiency, but for the long-term perspectives. The Automated System integration will not guarantee the storage and distribution network growth. 

The justification of material flow, future perspectives and client’s vision mainly define the automation implementation.

From voice recognition to driverless trucks the artificial intelligence definitely sharps the market: it just dictates new managers’ skills with more analytical analysis. The technology has been already affecting the cargo handling field, however it doesn’t mean stereotypical severe unemployment rate. The trends are pointing to adopt the changes and elaborate the most efficient “man-to-machine” strategies.


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