Logistics News 5 Minutes with Walid Khoury

  1. Tell us about the services offered by ALS Logistic Solutions.


Today ALS Logistic Solutions is one of the leading Automation solution providers of Material Handling, Cargo and Car Park Systems. With more than 20 years of experience, ALS has proven its expertise in ergonomic space-saving solutions for warehouses and parking areas.

ALS Global Experience ensures a reliable network of suppliers, providing world-class engineering and IT solutions for our clients worldwide. Having Offices in Dubai, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore, ALS has gained loyalty from the major players on Logistics market.

Future-proof solutions, customized approach, perennial experience, attention to details and narrow focus on innovative automation make ALS trusted by professionals.


  1. Automation is creating headlines in almost all business sectors today; your thoughts on this?

In the age of progress and innovation, modern world is searching for solutions that maximize efficiency and boost the profit. And logistics is not an exception. Robotics, Internet of Things, drones, driverless vehicles, autonomous vessels, consumerization of sensor technologies and move toward 5G wireless communications illustrate the need of prompt and reliable logistic service.

In ALS we specialize in the automation of materials handling systems, air cargo centres and car parks. As a specialized designer of these solutions, we know the value of accuracy and engineering proficiency because when it comes to automation, the millisecond matters; when it comes to operations, improved results speak louder than any promised sales statements.

To Automate or not to Automate, is necessarily the question anymore even though automation requires significant investments.  It is essential to conduct research, evaluate the potential and predict the results – consultancy will minimize and almost exclude the risks of mistakes. It is always a good idea to learn from case studies, ask advice and apply the knowledge to your field with the help of reputed solution providers.


  1. What kind of technology does ALS employ in its product offerings?


Robotics, Automated Cranes, Conveyors and driverless technology is the main drive in ALS equipment.  We rely on reducing the manpower needed for warehouse, storage and retrieval handling whether it is for small boxes, pharma product, large airline containers or cars.  The reason for this is to maximize the area usage inside the facility and reduce dependencies on human driven movements which is slow and unsafe in some cases.



  1. Do you have industry collaborations with other experts?

Absolutely. We have partners that are major suppliers in their fields and we use their products to integrate with our technology to offer the clients the latest market trends.  The aviation and logistics markets are fast on the development and innovation and it requires holistic approach from suppliers to be able to offer the clients the latest technology.  Also, we will soon announce a new partnership with the world leader Ground Support Equipment supplier in the world to be their technical base for support and services in the Middle East. We’ll keep the announcement till the second part of the year, and ask you to stay tuned with our social media channels.



  1. Who are some of your key clients? (or, what are some of the major projects that you have worked on in the past?)


ALS is proud of every project and client relationship. Timely delivery and customer satisfaction is what has led ALS to evolve in to one of the top most Material Handling contractors/service providers.  Some of our well renowned clients are: Emirates Airline, Dubai Duty Free, DNATA, Abu Dhabi International Airport, WFS, DANZAS, DHL, FEDEX, Kuwait Airways, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Baku International Airport, Panalpina etc… to name a few. ALS Logistic Solutions is active in the local market since many years with installations in nearly every airport in the Middle East.


  1. Major projects for 2018?


ALS expects 2018 to bring influential projects worldwide. There is ongoing expansion of OSR Shuttle System for Dubai Duty Free Warehouse; ongoing installation of an automated car parking system in Dubai for One Zabeel; Automated Pharma Warehouse for Al Dawaa in Riyadh; ongoing installation of automated car parking system in Dubai for Al Tadawi Hospital, commissioning of Fully Automated Cargo terminals in Muscat and Salalah; supply and installation of Cargo Terminal for SATS in Dammam; installation of ASRS for WFS/BFS in Bangkok, ULD handling System for WFS Frankfurt, modification of conveyor system for Fedex, Dubai, just to name a few.