High bay Storage

In order to achieve optimal material flow and guarantee desired customer throughput, ALS offer highly advanced automated IT storage systems. ALS design and install systems most suitable for the complex operational concept, solving the material handling challenges at most efficient levels.


Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

ALS Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) are designed for the computerised storage and retrieval of goods in the manufacturing, stock-keeping and distribution facilities where space is scarce and efficiency and high throughput are a must.

The ASRS concept is the equivalent to high density storage of palletised cargo by means of a high level of automation and efficiency; whether for mini load shipments or high bay pallet storage systems.


Input and output stations

Input/Output stations of an ASRS is a set of conveyors designed to interface with the automated storage mechanism for the delivery of the totes or pallets efficiently and safely to the picking stations and vice-versa.

The workstations can be fitted with Volume Scanners, Weighing Scales, Barcode Readers (or RFID) and Contour Checks etc.


Tote Box/Mini load storage systems

The Tote/Box storage system is a high-density buffer designed to maximize the vertical warehouse space while maintaining a compact footprint. A high-speed Stacker Crane is integrated to allow the storage and retrieval of loads to support the high-volume order picking operations. Multiple options of input and output stations are available to streamline the picking and material flow.


OSR/Shuttle System

The Shuttle System (or OSR) is ideally suited for use in order fulfilment and distribution centres where high performance, dense and speed are required. Each shuttle serves a specific level in the racking system where they store and retrieve load carriers (containers, cartons or trays). The load carriers, with contents weighing up to 50 kg, can be stored in several deep design, allowing the maximum storage in the available footprint.