ALS Car Park Systems Updates: Middle East Installations

Being smart means efficiency and convenience. Automated Car Park Systems become a direct association for Smart Cities.

ALS Recent Car Park installation across the Middle East showcase the availability, functionality and the high need of such solution in megapolisis.

Let's have a look at ALS Mechanical Car park References:

1. Amman, Jordan

Model type : Turntable which carry turn 2 cars at a time

Turntables are used in order to avoid manoeuvring causing pollution, to fulfil safety regulations, e.g.
where cars are only allowed to drive in forward direction, and/or the traffic area for a U-turn is not available.

Operation at an operating device with hold-to-run principle, which is mounted either on columns or in the local entrance area.

6  metre car turntable, 8 tonne operating capacity finished with 5mm Hot dip galvanised floor plate.
Price includes supply of turntable with highest quality German motors and gearboxes, freight to site,
mechanical installation and electrical connection. Remote Control operation as standard

Quality Assured accredited to ISO 9001:2008. Works by others include excavation, concrete pit, infill preparation, 4 core flex cable from motor pit to control box and engineering of concrete base/pit.


2. Kuwait 

Model : low ceiling car park stacker – just 3m height to stack 2 cars

When the going gets tighter dependently stacked parking systems are offered. With the Park box 401 the lower car has to be removed to use the upper platform. Subject to headroom availability and inclined platform, the Park box enables doubling of parking space, without any need for a pit.

Single unit for 2 cars above each other.


3. Sharjah, UAE

Model :Combilift parking – one level down, one level on ground + 1 / Puzzle type

The parking space selected is moved to the desired position by means of an automatic control system, and the parking spaces can be shifted vertically or horizontally. Entrance level platforms move horizontally and upper level platforms move vertically, with always one platform less at the entrance level.

By swiping the card or input the code, the system automatically moves the platforms in the desired position. To collect a car parked on the upper level, the platforms at the entrance level will first move to one side to provide an empty space into which the required platform is lowered.


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